Tuesday, January 21, 2014

some of my favorite pro cycling things

Favorite pro racing helmet

POC. I really like the design concept: to make a helmet which is race-light but goes beyond the minimal standards of the usual tests. It puts material on the temples and lower back of the head where it will do some good, avoids sharp angles which could twist the head and contribute to concussions, and it comes available in an orange color which flaunts fashion in the name of visibility. Plus it's round, which should fit my head, although I have yet to see one let alone try one on.

Favorite pro racing bike frame

Not counting fit issues, it has to be the Cervelo R5. In particular, the R5-CA, but the R5 is close enough to have some of the credit for that $10k frame to rub off. The Cervelo white paper on the R5-CA design is really extraordinary: a wonderful balancing of aerodynamics, stiffness where it's wanted (not where it's not), and light mass. I'm not sure about the head tubes, but if the bike fits you... BTW, I also like the Cannondale Evo and the Scott Addict, but not with heavy paint.

Favorite power meter

Garmin Vector, both for what it is and what it can become.

Favorite pro team jersey

Garmin-Sharp. Their jersey balances simplicity with interest the best in 2014, with a nice, distinctive color combination and a subtle integration of the traditional argyle, avoiding the herd mentality flocking to black.

Favorite rider to get promoted from the domestic ranks

It has to be Phil Gaimon. The guy can write as well as he rides his bike.

Put these all together....

First day of racing in 2014 road calendar... at Tour de San Luis:

CyclingNews photo
CyclingNews photo

Okay, so he's on Shimano. Nobody's perfect...

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