Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 Strava-Marc Pro jersey

I love this jersey design: the 2014 Strava-Marc Pro team, based in northern California:

As an aside, the jersey is done by Jakroo, the northern-California-based company which also did the WeightWeenies jersey, and which I plan to use for the Low-Key Hillclimbs jersey.

I really like my Weightweenies jersey: it fits snugly without being tight. It's a perfect race jersey for me. Unfortunately I can't wear it in sanctioned races.

Bill Bushnell photo

On the subject of Strava, I'm a bit disappointed that they dropped me from their Ambassador program this year without any notice (starting 1 Jan, I was back to "premium"). But after they stopped sponsorship of Low-Key Hillclimbs of which hey were an enthusiastic supporter, stopped sponsorship of my cycling club, and now this, I'm naturally a bit less of a fan. Maybe it's a natural consequence of their amazing growth. And it's important to handle disappointment.

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Diablo Scott said...

Black: it's the new black,