Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Low-Key Hillclimbs 2015

It's time once again for the Low-Key Hillclimbs, and this will be the 20th anniversary of the first edition, when Kevin Winterfield and I brashly organized a series of 12 consecutive weekly climbs extending from October through almost Christmas. And the amazing thing is we pulled it off. I'm less brash now but I don't need to be: I have fantastic support in putting the series on and so far we've had minimal interference. It's really been a wonderful thing.

I've got some decent fitness this year after having ridden SuperTour, organized by Sid and Linda Fuhrer, then raced the Mt. Tam Hill Climb and the Fremont Peak Hill Climb. For the first time in years I've actually been focusing on training instead of riding, and it's helped, starting with the fantastic dose of base I got from SuperTour. My time at Fremont Peak wasn't what I wanted, although I rode fairly well at Mt. Tam the week before. It was particularly hot at Fremont Peak so that took its toll.

But for Low-Keys, I'm coordinating week 1 so I don't get to see how I'm doing there until week 2, Page Mill Road. I really look forward to that one -- it's a classic time and makes for a great competition with its variable grade and fantastic views. Then week 3 is Alba Road, a climb we've done only once before in 2009. Then Mill Creek for week 4, a road I've never ridden but a short and intense climb which will be done as a time trial. Week 5 is a GPS-timed climb up Purisima Creek trail, a really fantastic off-road climb which is accessible to all bike types. Then week 6: Bohlman, but without On Orbit. The only year we tried that before was 1998 when it got canceled due to weather. Week 7 is OLH (wink, wink) which is the climb for which times matter. Week 8: Mountain Charlie, another Low-Key first. Then Mt. Hamilton and it's another Low-Key wrap.

The forecast has been for a wet fall so hopefully Low-Key luck with the weather and we squeeze them all in.