Friday, February 28, 2014

new bike part 8: Winter Allaban photo shoot

After the bike was done being built (well, almost), Eric took it in for a photo shoot.

Here's the gallery for my bike.

Eric named the bike Allaban, a Scottish word for "wandering, wanderings, roaming". It's a spectacular name for a randonneuring bike: surprising it hadn't already been snatched up by some litigious mainstream bike company.

Keith Anderson's paint work was followed by SRAM Force shifters and derailleurs, Soma 26 mm compact handlebars, a Cane Creek headset, White Industries hubs, bottom bracket, and variable-bolt-circle crankset and rings, Paul Racer brakes, a Thomson Elite zero-setback seatpost, and a Crane brass bell expertly threaded into the stem by Eric. The Crane, in particular, has excellent sound.

For the saddle, I decided to stick with an old Mythos saddle I had from my Fuji Team Al bike: I know it works well for me and didn't want to mess around. For the photos, Eric subbed in a Turbo. It fits.

Eric also did something surprising: he blacked out key logos with a black magic marker. It sounds goofy but it works. Logos are distracting.

Here's some shots, shamelessly stolen from the gallery. More photos are in the bike's Flickr set:

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Scott said...

It's a beauty!