Wednesday, February 26, 2014

new bike part 7: color

I knew early on as a nod to my Irish heritage I wanted the bike to be green. Here again was my early "sketch":


There I used Kelly Green, which makes sense given the inspiration:


But these are just cartoons, and it's a mistake to judge colors in a cartoon.

So when it came time to discuss real color, I told Eric to base it based on this: a Lotus racing car:


Charles @ PezCyclingNews has based bike designs on racing cars and motorcycles, for example:


I didn't want anything so complex. The Lotus I showed is elegant in its simplicity. The green fades to black. The racing inspiration is there, but it doesn't dominate.

Painting took awhile. But it was very, very worth it:


Credit goes to Keith Anderson, who did the painting.

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