Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Low-Key Hillclimbs jersey goes live

After preliminary designs, previews, rider surveys, design submission, multiple iterations of vendor designs, the new Low-Key Hillclimbs jersey is finally ready to order. I went with Jakroo, who did the WeightWeenies kit I really like. They have high quality stuff, ship directly to individuals, and have no minimums.

Here's the design:

I went with their top-of-the-line garments, including the "Tour" jersey with its "slim fit" option which fits me better than any other jersey I've tried. Indeed the Jakroo fit options are the best I've seen, with men's and women's, a range of sizes, and three fit styles. It's always a small risk trying a new jersey maker but I was super-happy with taking that risk in ordering the Weight Weenies jersey.

I had 20 people respond that they wanted to buy a jersey, 19 of those wanting the full kit. Now that it's time to put down the money it will be interesting to see how many follow through. But additionally others who didn't respond to the survey should become interested. We'll see if we can hit the 25 order quantity I told Jakroo I wanted to hit. If we do on bottoms, those ordering those get a discount. The next discount kicks in if we hit 50 on either tops or bottoms. That's a real stretch. But 25 should be doable.

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