Wednesday, February 12, 2014

new bike: part 1, bottle cages

Well, it's a start. I've got the water bottle cages ready to go.

Steel is real, my friends, and these cages are Elite Ciussi's are forged in the Lonely Mountain into hollow tubes. The little buttons are nice aesthetic touch, and may even contribute to holding the bottle in place.

96.5 grams for the pair. Italian cycling stuff has a well-earned reputation for coming in well over spec weight, but this was spot-on expectations.

Unfortunately, steel fatigues, and I don't expect these cages to last more than a year. But it will be a year well spent.


carlineng said...

Nice! I always thought steel had great fatigue properties... I've had a set of King Cages for about 2.5 years that are still going strong after many hard miles.

Garrett Lau said...

I used to use steel Ciussi Elite bottle cages, but I got tired of replacing them every year.