Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mt Tam Double Results: rank vs time (2)

Another quick one today. I shifted the distribution of results in the Mt Tam Double by assuming the slowest 35% of riders who would have completed the ride were either deterred by the time limit or failed to make the time limit. In reality, only 35 riders DNF'ed, some of them for mechanical reasons or for crashes, so the time limit wasn't necessarily an issue with all of them. But if I do make that assumption, that without a limit more slower riders would have participated, each at the long end of the Gaussian tail, then the rankings line up nicely with the Mt Hamilton Hillclimb.

after assumed truncation of Mt Tam Double results

So the argument about the relative speed versus power of the double century versus the hillclimb does not necessarily apply: there's a viable alternate explanation for the difference in distributions.

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