Monday, March 31, 2014

Low-Key kits arrive!

Working from home today due to a follow-up appointment with the oral surgeon, I was pleasantly surprised by FedEx which delivered my Low-Key Hillclimbs kit. And I was very pleased with the result!

Here, for reference, was my post on the design.

Here's a brief photograph, taken by Bryn Dole, who also ordered one:

Compare and contrast with the preview:

It came out pretty much exactly as expected, with one small detail: I implemented a drop shadow as a translucent black layer, which forms grey on white but darkens other colors. Somehow that came out as grey on colors as well. But it still works. It's a very minor detail. Also, the green on the front extends a bit higher than I'd anticipated. But the rest of the design came out extremely well.

And the fit: perfect. It's a lightweight jersey which fits me snugly, perfectly suited for hillclimbs (okay, perhaps a skin suit would be better for hillclimbs, but this is still excellent). And the pockets are a nice size, with an added pocket for credit cards or cash so they won't get accidentally lost when pulling a vest or bar out of one of the main pockets. And the shorts fit well, with the straps the correct length for me, the text and climbing guy on the back right where they're supposed to be.

I look forward to wearing it. For the next few climbs I do I'll probably be in the Team Roaring Mouse colors. But come Low-Keys in fall, this is what I'll have on.

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