Saturday, March 15, 2014

runs per week

In the March 2014 Ultrarunning, page 16, Gary Cantrell writes: "The biggest obstacle to accumulating the mileage necessary to achieve the results we desire is inconsistency". He advocates running every day, maybe for just a mile, maybe for just 15 minutes, but to get in the habit of running every day.

So how have I fared? Not well.


It's easy to see the biggest killer on my consistency has been races. The solution may simply be to get out and do more super-easy runs after races. But easier said then done: if I feel hobbled, that even running across the parking lot at work is infeasible, it seems better to just let my body recover and not go out and force myself to run out of "habit". I'm doing better in the plot once I get a few weeks out from racing.

Yesterday my non-running status wasn't directly from a race, but from my right leg bothering me a little, which it's done since that downhill run on Empire Grade. But could I have gotten a short, easy run in? Probably. I was "too busy", though. Or was I really?

Keeping this curve up in the 5-6-7 range is clearly something I need to work on. I've got precious little time before Woodside. But running every day before then seems like a worthy goal.

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