Monday, December 30, 2013

some 2014 New Years resolutions

It's approaching the end of 2013, and it's time for some New Years resolutions.

I used to be against New Years resolutions, because I felt if there was something worth doing, it should be done immediately, not held off until New Years for the purpose of providing a resolution. Indeed, that may be true, but it's still worthwhile to take time to reflect at the end of the calendar year and think about changes worth making.

So with that in mind, some resolutions:

  1. to eat more apples
  2. to get my hair cut -- it's getting long
  3. to work from home more often. This requires definable goals for the day. I spend too much time on the Caltrain commuter rail.
  4. to ride from home to work at least 52 times during the year, barring issues such as the injury which got in the way of me doing so this year. This is not a top-priority goal, as riding to work gets in the way of other goals, such as running at lunch, or going to yoga class after work, since it gets me to work later. But 52 times is a good target.
  5. to continue attending yoga classes through the year. Holiday travel has me on a 2-week void in yoga classes. I'd been on a good run, inspired by recovering from my injury.
  6. to do a mountain bike event
  7. to run a 50 km trail race. My previous long is marathon (42 km).
  8. to go camping more than in 2013.
  9. to do a self-supported bike tour with Cara.

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