Saturday, December 14, 2013

cumulative SF2G rides by year

With a huge amount of travel this month, I'll get only two real rides in, and no SF2Gs. So it's a good time to make an accounting of my SF2G totals.

I last did so at the end of 2011, so somehow 2012 slipped through the cracks. I have a rough goal of averaging one per week, but haven't attained that yet. It's important for me to have a goal to kick my butt out the pre-dawn door to ride the more than 70 km into work.

I try to keep a running total when I upload rides, but since I usually do this at work, I'm always in a rush and relying on memory to do so occasionally fails. So I'm forced to go through my Strava record and count.

Here's the plot, which starts when I signed up for Strava in 2010:

SF2Gs by month

2012 started with happy memories of New Zealand riding. I had a down-time in May when I had back pain, but overall it was a solid riding year until I redirected my focus on running for the Sacramento Marathon (CIM).

At the start of 2013 I was still running, in anticipation of running the Napa marathon in March, but my legs just weren't recovered from Sacramento. I was getting zinging pains kicking in around mile 15. So I took a break and refocused on riding. This resulted in a very solid SF2G MArch, then a bit of a taper as I started doing weekend events: Murphy Mack's Spring Classic in March, Devil Mountain Double in late April, the Berkeley Hills Road Race in May, then the Memorial Day tour (a training ride) in late May. But everything came crashing to a halt on a stupid bike-path crash dodging an erratic walker in June. I only really emerged from this in August, slowly getting back up to speed, with my last physical therapy session this past week. November saw my return to riding Low-Key Hillclimbs (ending Thanksgiving). Then December has been a mess, as it so often is, with a return to running most notably in me doing a solid block last weekend at a conference in San Diego, including a 4 km "fun run" race.

Anyway, the moral of the story is I need more consistency in 2014. In particular, don't get injured. And to average 1/week, you need to target 2/week, because stuff always happens, and some weeks there will be none.

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