Sunday, October 4, 2009

Low-Key Montebello

Well, we had some hiccups with results.... a malfunction on the timer causing times to be deleted, then some mis-shouted numbers at the finish. The combination made for a tough time untangling the results, with heavy reliance on photos. Ron Brunner saved the day by recovering results from the video.

I really want to have a back-up position for double-checking numbers of finishers. Someone to check the number with the stem sticker to make sure everything is good. Good numbers are by far the most important thing in good results, especially on popular climbs where other riders are passing by, making photos tough.

We've done helmet stickers to help with this before. Maybe time to break out that option again. Or a ribbon tied around the handlebars.

Anyway, week 1 results are posted. Still preliminary: two riders still unidentified.

Next week may be a challenge. We'll be starting in small groups to mitigate traffic impact. Turn-out might be on the high side, so we'll really need a few extra volunteers for this one.

In any case, it was a fun time, and it's great to see the series thriving! Thanks to everyone who has helped give the series such a positive start for 2009!

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