Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bike Brands at the Low-Key Hillclimbs

Starting in week 5 I began asking riders to describe the bike they were on when they RSVP'ed for the following weekend's Low-Key Hillclimb. We used to write this down at check-in, but it made it a lot easier to search the data if I had it entered digitally. So if we had a rider on a red and yellow bike and couldn't identify him I could search for all descriptions with both "red" and "yellow" for the bike and realize there was only one such description. We also ask for jersey color, but still write that down at the start, since I for one have problems planning this sort of thing ahead of time. But maybe others plan their wardrobes better, so I may add jersey description to the RSVP form as well.

But anyway, I decided to check what bike brands people were riding this year. So for rider numbers for whom I had a bike description (one per rider, so not counting the same rider multiple times if he rode multiple weeks), considered his bike description and wrote I Perl code to try and identify the bike brand from the description. This involved checking spelling ("Canondale") and mapping models to brands ("Tarmac" to "Specialized", "Ghisallo" to "Litespeed", "CAAD"-anything to "Cannondale", etc).

If I couldn't identify the make, the rider isn't counted For example, some left the field blank, others put just colors, one person put "road bike"...

Here's the results. We're a lot closer to Morgan Hill than we are to Madison, and the results reflect this:

#  type
60 Specialized
29 Trek
21 Cervelo
16 Cannondale
15 Giant
8  Khalsa
7  BMC
6  Calfee
6  Felt
6  Scott
5  Bianchi
5  Colnago
5  Willier
4  Fuji
4  Leopard
4  Look
3  Kuota
3  Pinarello
2  BH
2  CoMotion
2  Kestrel
2  Motobecane
2  Orbea
2  PedalForce
2  Serotta
2  Seven
2  Steelman
2  Volagi
1  Argon
1  Ducati
1  Faggin
1  Fondriest
1  GT
1  Guru
1  Ibis
1  Kharta
1  Klein
1  LeMond
1  Litespeed
1  Merlin
1  Moots
1  Neuvation
1  Redline
1  Ridley
1  Ritchey
1  Scattante
1  Soma
1  Teschner
1  Time
1  Tommasini

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