Sunday, July 14, 2013

riding the trainer; Chris Froome

Today I rode the trainer for the first time since my crash a month ago. I borrowed Cara's cyclocross frame because it's small and I can more easily get my leg over the top tube. Previously leg mobility was limiting on me being able to get on the bike, but today I tried and I could do it. Pedaling has also been a concern but I was able to turn the pedals without too much problem. The limiting factor is more muscular than aerobic: I did just a few minutes today. But that's a starting point. I've also been going to the gym, doing light weights, and I think that's helping, even if it leaves me tired. I see my general practitioner tomorrow, the first time since my crash, so maybe he can give me some advice on my progress.

In Tour news, it's been all Froome. I realized last year, his first year on Sky, that I'd seen him years before.

Froome (Telegraphe)
Triplets of Belleville

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