Monday, April 1, 2013

Scott releases 2014 Addict Ultra Limited: World's lightest production frame

After replacing it's long-time weight-weenie favorite, The Addict, with the aero-optimized Foil, Scott has finally returned the cutting-edge Addict frame to its lineup.

This was first revealed at yesterday's Tour of Flanders, the bike ridden with some success by the IAM team who placed sixth with Henrich Haussler.

pro version

However, that was just a prototype. It wasn't until today the production model was leaked. The following is the press-release, which was sent to me by one of my extensive list of industry contacts.

Scott Addict Ultra
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Here's the text of the press release:

Scott USA, 01Apr2013: Scott Sports, the cycling world's engineering leader, today announced the launch of the 2014 Addict Ultra Limited frameset. Building on the legendary Addict, the Addict Ultra Limited makes the lightest even lighter (with a world record effective mass[*] of 599.9 grams for 54cm) while maintaining optimal stiffness, comfort, responsiveness, acceleration, and appearance. The Addict Ultra Limited also introduces OptimizedLayup™ tube design with AllDayComfort™ geometry, drawing on design lessons learned with the category-leading Addict R-series, as well as future-proof internal cable routing. The Addict Ultra Limited frameset is available now for RRP $9,999.
[*] paint, hardware, and head-tube omitted.

At Scott, we recognize that most of our customers aren't racing for the top spot on the World Tour podium. Far more important is feeling as comfortable at the end of a challenging ride as you were at the beginning without cumbersome spacer-stacks or inverted stems. That's where our cutting-edge AllDayComfort™ design comes in. With head-tubes carefully optimized to the rest of the bike's fine-tuned geometry, the Scott Addict Ultra Limited will allow you to attain and exceed your cycling goals with style.

I'm super-excited about this bike. Hopefully they'll send me my test bike soon, so I can return a first-hand ride report. Expect that soon.


Diablo Scott said...

That would make a sweet fixie.

Is there a max rider weight?

djconnel said...

The full details have not been announced. I rarely pay much attention to weight limits, since I'm lighter than average.

jmilliron said...

Hah. Love the ultra gran fondo HT. Great 4/1 post.