Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fremont Peak Hillclimb this Sunday

Sunday is the second annual Fremont Peak Hillclimb.

Last year I couldn't make it for some silly reason, then Mt Tam was canceled, so no Mt Tam for me. This year Mt Tam is back, but I'll be traveling with family in Italy, so will miss out there. But I will be at Fremont Peak

Last year I posted a route profile for the climb, which is intriguing:

Fremont Peak from San Juan Baptista (Motionbased:mooseman)

Here's the grade extracted from that profile, which I've convolved with a Gaussian of standard deviation 100 meters, to keep the numbers significant:

Fremont Peak from San Juan Baptista (Motionbased:mooseman)

So it pokes its nose above 10% for a bit, but nothing super-steep here. I find the suffering really kicks in over 12% if I'm over-geared, over 15% pretty much whatever my gear.

It should be fun.

As an aside, normally I don't bring any metrology with me on hillclimbs except perhaps a wristwatch to judge pacing. But this time I'm bringing the Edge 500: here's the Strava segment. Even if I have little chance to win my race, at least I hope to post a decent Strava time.

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