Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ghisallo to San Primo

Onward from Ghisallo....

After climbing to the church, spending plenty of time at the church and at the adjacent museum, then enjoying a delicious panini & frizzante lunch at the cafe, I was ready for more. Most riders consider the church to the the finish of the climbing, but really it's just the first course. A narrower, steeper, yet still excellently paved road continues upward, to San Primo. Just follow the sign...

start of climb

You can see the data from my ride on Strava. As of now, I'm the only one to have loaded data for the segment (which I defined) which extends from the junction at the Madonna to the Y-junction at San Primo. I initially continued from here left onto a dirt road, which led me to this sign:

junction @ top of Strava segment
Beyond here the road became too rough for comfort with my 23 mm tires. The profile to this point:

The dirt is just the final few hundred meters. Using the Low-Key hill ranking index, the full profile comes out at 103 on the Old La Honda = 100 point scale.

Go the other direction at the Y and the road is flatter, smooth gravel which leads to a parking lot. Along the way is this luxury villa:

San Primo villa
Great stuff, and my ride for the day had only really just begun.

As I said last time, the combo of the climb to Ghisallo and onward, without pause, to San Primo would be a really good one. Then save the church visit for the descent back from the summit. Hopefully someone will sign up for a Strava account and define it. With over an hour break between the two halves, I am unworthy.


Dott. Massa Roberto said...

From the other side,so doing the first 6 km of the Ghisallo and turning to the right at Civenna, it's even steeper. It was used in the '60s during some Giro di Lombardia editions with the name of "Super Ghisallo"


djconnel said...

Very cool! I hadn't realized this road had been used in races.

Dott. Massa Roberto said...

It's also the 1st climb in the Granfondo Bugno.
congratulations for all your very informative posts&articles!