Monday, July 13, 2009

Fremont Peak Hillclimb

So, the word is that Fremont Peak will get the Mt Tam spot on the calendar this year, as Mt Tam had resistance due to the threat of park closure due to the California State "budget crisis".

Okay, political commentary. Skip to next paragraph. I wouldn't be surprised if shutting the state parks for a few weeks actually cost more money than it saved. The parks are already fairly poorly funded. It's obviously political posturing to dangle some potential for pain in front of the People so that when the pain is withheld, the "mild discomfort" which remains is better tolerated. Okay, end of political commentary.

View from Fremont Peak (Virtual Tourist)

But with the calendar spot taken by a Fremont Peak climb, although those of us in San Francisco and northern environs are inconvenienced by the additional distance, on a climb-for-climb basis I'd have to say Fremont Peak wins. I've never been up Fremont Peak, but thanks to the incredible data resource which is MotionBased, a route profile is just a few mouse clicks away.... okay, and a bunch of keystrokes.

Fremont Peak from San Juan Baptista (Motionbased:mooseman)

Nice: 9.5% sustained for much of the 792 vertical net meters of climbing, plus a lower section hovering around 2.5% to test a rider's pacing strategy. A most glorious climb.

Thanks to Greg Bloom and anyone else involved with organizing this extremely exciting event!

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