Thursday, June 17, 2010

granola recipe

I've been making granola a lot lately. Here's my recipe. Make sure to carefully follow each step exactly as written.
  1. mix the following in a bowl
    • some oata
    • a syrup source, for example one or a combination of honey, molasses, maple syrup, agave nectar, balsamic vinegar
    • a bit of oil, for example canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, or almond oil
    • some dried fruit, for example cranberries, dates, raisons, chopped mango
    • optionally some chopped nuts, for example cashews or almonds, or a nut butter like almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter, or tahini (sesame butter). I prefer raw nut butters to toasted.
    • optionally, some egg or egg white to clump things, but not too much
    • some extra flavor, like vanilla, spices, soy sauce, Liquid Amino, or hot sauce (it's good, really!)
  2. distribute on pan
  3. cook @ 320F = 160C until done, but not too dry (15 minutes, or maybe less if had the vision to pre-heat your oven ). If feeling inspired, mix it part way through.
  4. cool it. It should have been a soft when removed from oven, but should get crunchy after cooled.

I have yet to fail following this recipe to the letter. Way better than bulk-bin, which tastes stale (because it is stale).

I'd post a photo but I already ate much of the batch I made this morning.

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