Monday, June 7, 2010

Democratic Central Committee, District 13

Finally, I'm almost ready to vote tomorrow. The Democratic Central Committee is the most complicated race I'll vote for, with thirty candidates for twelve positions, for which I can vote for up to twelve.

Here's the list of people who, whether through Smart Voter or through my conversations with others, have convinced me to vote for them:
  • Stuart Smith
  • Scott Wiesner
  • Hope Johnson
  • Rick Hauptman
  • Leslie Rachel Katz
  • Tom Taylor
  • Paul Currier
  • Chuck Hornbrook
Keith Baraka seems to be on the AIDS Lifecycle ride at the moment, which I consider super-cool, but he's got to give me more than that and being a firefighter for my vote.

There's also the school board, but I'll leave that one to parents of children. I figure they have a deeper vested interest there. My sister gets angry at me whenever childless I offer anything resembling an opinion on child-rearing. I couldn't possibly understand!

That leaves only the Board of Equalization and the Insurance Commissioner candidates to be decided. I've still got time...

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