Saturday, December 12, 2009

Low-Key Score History: Ron Brunner and Gary Gellin

Two more score histories....

Ron Brunner was tracking a trajectory of incredible exponential score improvement through 2008. With this sort of thing, improvement invariably saturates. But Ron showed no respect for saturation: in 2009 he increased his rate of improvement even above his prevailing trend. Amazing.

Then there's Gary Gellin. Gary has ridden a few Low-Keys, and indeed is an excellent climber, although he's not shown his best at the fall Low-Keys while on his bike. But where Gary's really made an impression is in running. He ran his first Low-Key back in 1995, and his results on foot have continued to increase ever since. It's always fun getting rider reactions when they're passed by Gary running by. Gary typically selects the steepest climb or two to make his showing. The steeper the better for a runner versus a rider.

Gary is the primary inspiration for my dabbling in trail running last winter (and hopefully this winter as well, if I can solve a bit of a knee issue which has been limiting me). Trail running is a blast, and I'd never realized what an incredibly rich trail running community there is in the Bay area. Check it out if you're looking for something fun to do without wheels.

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