Thursday, December 11, 2014

VeloViewer mileage summary and Strava OLH times

This blog has been neglected due to other activities, in particular the final weeks of the 2014 Low-Key Hillclimbs, but additionally due to a transition in my work life. I've been at my present job starting October 2010 through today, but that will be changing the beginning of 2015.

This period roughly coincides with my time on Strave. For aggregated those data, VeloViewer is a great tool. They just implemented an annual £10 fee to access full data, and it's paid off in this one plot.

2014 started off very mediocrely. I focused on trail running until April, and that hurt my total mileage, but it ended with a very successful debut at the 50 km distance, the Woodside Ramble. Then there was a downtime associated with preparing for and actually moving to a new place in San Francisco. Starting in September, however, I recovered, with 4 very solid weeks end-of-September-to-start-of-October in Switzerland. After that I did fairly well, participating in Low-Key Hillclimbs, and getting in a decent number of SF2G rides. You can see the slope has been fairly good, even if total mileage is well below the level of 2012.

Strava just recently introduced a segment time plot, which is really nice. Here's mine for the "Low-Key Old La Honda" segment. Old La Honda times, mostly riding the Ritchey Breakaway on the Wednesday Noon Ride, have been quite stable this year and last, quite a bit slower than 2011, but what can you do... 2010 was a slow year since I wasn't able to train as much as I'd like, with the work transition.

I never felt at my best on Old La Honda this year. But since my present work plans take me to Berkeley, I don't know when I'll have an opportunity to do the Nooner again. Maybe I need to plan a weekend trip via Caltrain to give it a go when I have some cycling fitness next.

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