Saturday, December 27, 2014

modern bar design: the Enve SES Aero

Caley Fretz is one of my favorite cycling reviewers. He now works for VeloNews, where he wrote this review on the new Enve SES bar:

The shape of the SES is a reflection of the way that positioning has changed in recent years — as bars have dropped relative to the saddle, and our understanding of aerodynamics has improved, it has become clear that the lowest drag is often found with hands on the hoods, elbows bent at 90 degrees, chin to the stem.

The SES design allows for a narrow, aerodynamic hood position — 37cm on my test bar — while retaining a wider drop area, 42cm. Narrow when you want it, wide when you need it.

Here's the Enve:


I love new ideas!

In completely separate news, VeloPress has recently published Goggles and Dust, a book based on the remarkable photos which are part of the Horton Collection:



Rebecca Olds said...

Wow, I love the look of those bars - if not the price!O_O

I've been using FSA's various flat-topped compact bars, but these don't have any/much flare to the drops. I like the flare of the dirt drops on my Cross Check but don't need THAT much flare. These look like a great combination with the right degree of compromise. And still compact (short reach & drop). I don't compete at all, but find this combination of features works well for me over long distances, when comfort and fit are paramount.

Now... just need ENVE to offer versions within the price range of us mere mortals.

Slim said...

Have a look at the Salsa Cwochipper bars, they also offer a moderate amount of flare, if not the flat aero tops.
Note that the Enves are measured at the drops while the listed width for the Salsas is at the hoods.

Slim said...

Take a look at the Salsa Cowchipper, it also offers a similar a,out of flare, but not the aero tops.
Note the Enves width is measured at the drops, while the Salsas width is measured at the hoods.