Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stack-Reach smackdown: Trek vs Specialized

Last time I compared Trek to Cervelo for stack-reach. The Madone H1 and the even more aggressive Domane Race were much longer/lower than the Cervelo H1, and even lower than the more race-geometry Cervelo R-series from 2008. The Madone H2 and Cervelo R5 were comparable. The Trek Domane 6 was substantially more relaxed than the Madone H2. It's really designed more as a century bike than a race bike, although it may provide a good fit for some racers.

Here I compare the Specialized line to the Trek line. I already looked at the 2015 Tarmac. In the following plot, I add in the Roubaix endurance bike as well as the Venge aero road bike:


The Venge is basically identical to the Tarmac. The Roubaix is fairly close to the Trek Madone H2, not nearly as relaxed as the Roubaix: around 2.5 cm spacer difference. The Madone H1 is more aggressive than the Tarmac, however: with two lines of Madone they can afford to be more aggressive on the longer/lower version. This suggests for racing the Roubaix may well be the better choice than the Domane, unless you want to spring for the super-low, super expensive Domane Race.

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