Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Canyon versus Storck: Stapel-erreichen Smackdown

I previously showed the Canyon Aeroroad. But Canyon's perhaps more popular bike is the Ultimate, a perennial competitor for Tour Magazine's lab-dominated bike of the year ratings. A prime competitor is Storck, a more niche German company known for its engineering-based approach to bike design. Included in that approach is a relatively unique approach to geometry.

Here's a comparison of Trek, Specialized, Canyon, and Storck road bikes, where I've left off the endurance bikes this time:


Canyon is clearly sticking to the stack-reach design philosophy with both of its models. And for once a bike company does the obvious which is to make the aero bike lower. And the longest Ultimate is incredibly long. It must be those tall Norwegian customers.

But the Storck 0.6 is a bit bizarre. The smallest size differs only in stem length, essentially (actually with the head tube angle being slacker than 73 deg, slammed stem will result in the smallest being slightly higher). Then after that "constant bar height" move, it goes constant reach (straight up). The Aernario is basically the same with the addition of a larger size with longer reach & stack.

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