Friday, May 16, 2014

San Francisco June Primary ballot measures


I like to review the ballot measures here each election, and 03 June brings a primary to San Francisco. Here's measures on the ballot, the first two California-wide, the final two San Francisco county:

  1. Proposition 41: This is a bond to subsidize housing for veterans. I don't recall California declaring war since it was incorporated as a state. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan,... these ridiculous charades have all been the action of the federal, not the state governement. Therefore I think it's ridiculous to expect the states to pay the fully predictable costs of these tragedies. Let the federal government clean up its own mess. vote now.
  2. Proposition 42: Fairly technical, this seems like a good idea. I'll vote yes.
  3. Proposition A: This is a San Francisco bond to repair water systems for emergency response. I'm absolutely against. This is an ongoing expense, and should not be paid with bonds. The city government needs to allocate ongoing maintenance costs within the budget, rather than pay them, with interest, as part of a bond. This is a political crutch.
  4. Proposition B: This would require the city to go to voter approval to provide exceptions to the height limits for waterfront properties. I'm against this. I believe in representative government, not voter micromanagement. This is very much a matter for our elected representatives.

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