Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tyranny of the Farm Box

Every Tue it comes: a new load of fruit and vegetables. And the clock starts ticking. 168 hours left before the next one arrives. It has to be eaten. All of it. 168 hours.

Thus was inspired the Way of the Farm Box:
  1. Cooking must be done using primarily produce from the farm box. Only produce contributing a small fraction to the total macronutrients, such as spices, may be added.
  2. Last week's farm box must be fully eaten before this week's can begin.
  3. All edible parts must be consumed. No discarding broccoli stems.

The clock is ticking. One week to go. Forever ticking. Week after week. Forever.

I don't want to seem to negative. The farm box is a wonderful thing. But I sort of miss eating out more often.

1 comment:

NadiaMac said...

Spices qualify as produce???

Don't worry, the variety will increase soon enough and we will no longer be faced with 5 different bunches of dark leafy green stuff....