Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Low-Key Awards

Thanks so much to Pat Parseghian and Patt Baenan for doing the heavy lifting last night for the Low-Key Awards Ceremony! The Low-Key Awards are always special, how many other cycling events have something like it? (The California Triple Crown series does, to its credit.) This one, though, was super-special for me, because while I look forward to the chance to give out awards (I am floored at how many enthusiastic volunteers the series attracts), I was totally shocked and very touched to receive an award of my own, from the others. And Patt Baenan, who does amazing work for the Lance Armstrong foundation and serves as the Low-Key series treasurer, gave me a very special gift.... a signed print of Alberto Contador! Oh, my.... this one goes straight to the framing shop!!!!

Signed Contador Print

Thanks to all who braved the brutal South Bay holiday traffic and sat through an over-the-time-budget ceremony! It was a special event, which I wouldn't have forgotten in any case, but deeply touched me in a way I didn't anticipate.

Well, I suppose I should mention the series.... we released the preliminary 2009 schedule with its user-voted slogan, "Make the Grade". Special thanks to Barry Burr for suggesting the slogan, a fitting W for Barry after his really amazing contribution to the series this year, ending in his very deserved receipt of the Low-Key Spirit Award.

I can't wait for Montebello!

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