Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fourth Place

They say fourth is the worst place: the lead medal, just off the podium. I don't agree with this, having gotten more than my share of 4th places in last year's Low-Key Hillclimbs. But the Low-Keys don't put medals around riders necks. The races which notably do so are the Olympic Games and the World Championships. I thought it would be interesting to review who got the 4th places in the individual elite road events at these competitions this year:

Olympics Games:

  • Women's Time Trial: Linda Melanie Villumsen, New Zealand
  • Men's Time Trial: Taylor Phinney, United States
  • Women's Road Race: Shelly Olds, United States
  • Men's Time Trial: Taylor Phinney, United States

World Championships:

  • Women's Time Trial: Emma Pooley, Britain
  • Men's Time Trial: Tejay Van Garderen, United States
  • Women's Road Race: Amber Neban, United States
  • Men's Road Race: John "Arnie" Degenkolb, Germany

Impressive showing here by Team U.S.A. with a remarkable 5/8 (updated with mens' world championship road race results).

Surprising seeing Degenkolb, who's built like Schwarzenegger in his prime, making it to the top of the Cauberg with the leaders...

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