Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hass Pass returned from the dead


After not seeing the Haas Pass data on several log-ins, it appeared on my account... not sure where it was hiding, but glad to see it back!

Actually, I think there's an issue with Synchronization when running in "airplane mode" when running the Strava app on a phone. I'm running airplane mode because data and voice are too expensive overseas, and I want to avoid any risks apps will check for updates or new mail or whatever and incur $1.99/minute data charges. And when I'm on vacation, spending time dealing with the internet becomes a low priority: it's liberating to do things like read actual newspapers, play Scrabble, or just sit and enjoy the chirping of the birds in the morning.

So Haas is back. A few other activities are now mysteriously missing, but I have confidence eventually my phone will "sync" them with my account. Patience, patience....

On my trip: not riding much, but every day is something: runs, hikes, even a fun day of riding a rental downhill bike in Queenstown. Cara, on her first mountain bike ride in 33 months since badly injuring her knee in a mountain bike crash, was dusting me on the beginner course. I salvaged some self-esteem by doing the intermediate course as my last run, after she'd declared herself tired and ready to stop... good time, but I will never be good at throwing myself at the mercy of gravitational acceleration.

More pass reports to follow... presently I'm heading back towards Akaroa near Christchurch where I'll get to sample some of the best road climbing on the island. The island has huge potential for epic climbs, but a lot of land is private ranch land with crude dirt roads which are accessible to "trampers" only. In fact, this is a hiker's paradise, with wonderful multi-day routes with a regular spacing of comfortable huts. Many of these routes cross private land, but people here aren't as fanatical about the delineation between private and public property as self-absorbed Americans.

Anyway, back to life... time to log off and do a quick trail run from Lake Takepo.

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