Monday, June 29, 2009

A new connection

What a wonderful feeling to discover that two previously unconnected domains are in fact connected. And what a glorious connection!

Nothing new here. Bill Bushnell had it on his incredible ride atlas. Keith Vetter translated that to his brilliant Klimb. But heck, these days its even on Google Maps. But it's one thing to see lines on a screen. Numbers: distance traveled, feet climbed. Abstractions. It's another to actually be there, turn the pedals. Point A. Then Point B. Two dead-ends now very alive.

Public or private? Next question. Road is basically the same after as it was before. No harm done. You can't trust signs, anyway.

view from Loma Prieta Way
From Loma Prieta Way (Jores photo)

It's been a good week for me. Okay, so the power meter hasn't told me anything exciting. But not so long after racing Hamilton I raced the slopes of Diablo. The next day: I rode Alpine Dam to the Mt Tam summit. Then Umunhum on Wednesday with Dave, taking a half-day at work. The Bay area Big 4. Top it off by spending Thursday hiking Muir with my visiting sister and her boyfriend.

Finally I've managed to get in a solid block of training, and I'm recovering better, staying stronger to the end of long rides. Long rides through beautiful terrain really remind me what it is to be alive. And if I can make new connections, that's even better.


Manley Man said...

I live close to Hicks and ride up there routinely, but I've never gone up and over toward Summit Road. Did you run into any locals on the ride over the top of the hill?

djconnel said...

No locals on the route itself, although as we were descending Loma Almaden a kindly gentleman suggested it wouldn't be a good idea had we been in the private property further up the hill.