Sunday, March 15, 2009

1998 Low-Key Hillclimbs

Two good things today....

One, I got in an 11.6 mile run, my first serious run since the trail run two weeks ago. The descent through Huddart Park took its toll, and I spent two weeks focused on cycling, stretching, and core strength work. It's important to me to maintain some running fitness through the summer. This will give me a big head start in my goal of qualifying for Boston, maybe at Sacramento in December, right before IEDM, which I often attend.

But additionally I think running is good cross-training for riding, improving muscular balance, bone strength, and core integrity. Running also increases my focus on relaxation and posture, focuses which can be beneficially translated to riding. For example, relaxing my shoulders on the bike drops my head, which lowers wind resistance. And I think the body just works better when it's relaxed than when it's tense. Running has helped me realize just how much I tend to tense up my shoulders and neck. As if that wasn't already obvious from the fact Daryl gets out his hammer and chisel every time I show up for a massage at World Gym...

The other good thing today is I finished "Project 1998" of the Low-Key Hillclimbs. Dean Larson had some old printouts of Giorgio Cosentino's web pages of the 1998 series, pages which were lost when shut down. Ron Brunner scanned the pages, and I, Pat Parseghian, and Fred Butts entered the data into spreadsheets. Then I modified my circa 2009 scoring and web page generating Perl scripts to some of the scoring conventions used by 1998 scorekeeper Tracy Colwell. After a bit of debugging, viola, 1998 data are back up.

1995 and 1996 were already complete, salvaged from the WayBack machine. I have most of the results for 1997 on-line, but a few weeks are missing. Maybe someone else out there has the data. Crazy idea? Well, I'd thought the same about 1998.

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