Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lance wait-listed (or not...)

I just heard from my coach Dan Smith that Lance Armstrong was wait-listed at the Cherry Pie Crit. I can see it now, long reg lines.....

(Pro 1/2 line) "Next..... license and waiver?"

Rider hands over license.



"All fields are full, but I can add you to the waiting list."


(writing) "Lance Armstrong. Austin, Texas. 38. Astana."

"We'll call your name if there's room.... NEXT?"

Expect to see the city Napa in flames, the greater population in a rampage of uncontrolled looting and anarchy, if Lance doesn't get that start line position.

Oh yeah, 2007 US Elite Criterium champion and 6-day racer Daniel Holloway of Garmin is also on the list. No riot for him, I'm afraid.

update: So much for rumors: Lance is leaving town... No cherry pies in his diet plan.

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