Thursday, January 15, 2009

exercise in futility

After hearing the governor's very short and to the point state of the state address stressing the present California budget crisis (referencing the "sword of Conan"1 -- I love it!), I drafted the following letter to my state legislators, Jay Leno (senate) and Tom Ammiano (assembly).

Please support an increase in the state gas tax. Gasoline prices have fallen substantially in the past months. The increase in support for mass transit, alternative energy, and energy conservation which came with $4/gallon gas is dissipating. The state is in a budget super-crisis. The best way, by far, to raise this revenue is with fuel taxes: tax what you want people to use less of, not what you want them to do more of (for example, earn income). Please support a higher gasoline tax.

The Governor delivers his State of the State address.

Of course, it's all pointless. Californians are as addicted to their cars as anyone. They'll never give up the freedom-is-slavery which is driving until the system collapses under its own absurdity.

gas consumption
$1.30/gallon would go a long way to closing the $20B deficit. Of course, there's feedback effects.

1 I think the quote was "I call upon the legislature to pass a balanced budget or I will cleave their puny skulls one by one with Conan's sword." Or something like that.

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